In this course we will work on low staffing models, by showing efficiencies in the individual tasks and on how to work them together as a team. Day one we will break these skills down into stations, the second day we will bring them altogether to show how they work together on the fire ground. This course will cover sections of the BC Playbook both for exterior, interior and full-service firefighters. This is a hands on 16-20 hour workshop two be held over two days.

Course Content:

  • 1 Firefighter Forcible entry
  • 2 Firefighter Forcible entry
  • Search methods (Rooms, Beds, Bunkbeds, Cribs)
  • Patient Drags
  • Flow and move with small handlines
  • Hit and move with large handlines
  • Hose deployment (flat and minute-man loads)
  • Ground ladders Single firefighter raises (24’, 28’ and ground ladders)
  • 2 firefighter 35’ raises
  • Ladder packages
  • Flowing and moving hose up/down stairs
  • Deploying hose around corners and stairs

Sections of the playbook covered:

NFPA 1001 (2013 edition), sectionService Level
5.3.1 Don and Doff SCBAExterior operations
5.3.6 / 5.3.9 Set up ground laddersExterior operations
5.5.2 Hose loads and RollsExterior operations
5.3.9 Search and Rescue in a structureInterior operations
5.3.4 Forcible entry through a doorInterior operations
5.3.4 Forcible entry through a windowInterior Operations
5.3.13 Deploy and Operate a hose lineInterior operations
5.3.5 Exit a hazardous area as a teamInterior operations
5.3.10 Attack an interior structure fire operating as a member of a teamInterior operations
6.3.2 Demonstrates selecting appropriate equipment for fire ground situationsFull Service