Rapid Intervention Programs

These programs meet and exceed NFPA1407 standards. Buy the end of these 40 hours of training students will be confident in the steps to take in a mayday situation whether they are responding to the call or making it.

Forcible Entry Programs

These programs are designed to prepare students for quick access by giving students the words of command, tool selection, and techniques required.

Other Fire Fighting Programs

Fire fighting programs created to cover other important sides of the fire ground outside our original core programs.


Course delivery

All of our props have been custom built to ensure that what we train with best represents what our students may face in their true work environment. Students can expect to be challenged by the drills in our courses but should also expect to thoroughly enjoy the learning experience.

We come to you

At Prepare4 we understand that not all departments can come to the lower mainland of BC for courses so, we bring the courses to you. If you can find space for our 20 foot trailer we can teach a course for you. Our trailer carries all of our props but also acts as our mobile classroom. Our trailer can be set up as a confidence maze which, complete with infra-red cameras and an exterior TV allows the whole class to participate and learn as each student takes their turn.


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