This is the first of two courses required to complete the requirements of NFPA 1407.

How long is the course?

This is a 16-20 hour course. Both days have a classroom and practical component. Students must successfully complete a written assessment on the second day.

What will students learn?

In this course students will learn:

  • Smoke reading and fire behaviour
  • Building size-up and situational awareness
  • Air management
  • Understanding & calling "Mayday"
  • RIT roles and responsibilities
  • Proactive vs. reactive RIT
  • Personal & company RIT tools
  • Second floor exits, ladder bailouts & rope bailouts
  • Below grade exits
  • Entanglement
  • Wall breaching and SCBA low profiling
  • SCBA confidence maze
  • Search techniques
  • Downed firefighter assessment & packaging
  • Firefighter drag techniques
  • Moving firefighter up/down stairs (1&2 rescuer techniques)

What certification will students receive?

Each successful student will receive a certificate of completion in Self-rescue & RIT awareness from Prepare4. The certificate states the course was completed in accordance with, but not in completion of NFPA 1407.