Blended NFPA1407 program

Blended 1407 program has been designed for those unable to commit the full 4 days to the original program, we still meet and exceed the valuable skills and standards in NFPA 1407 (Standard for Rapid Intervention Crew Training).

This course is a 40 hour program broken down into;

Two online lecture sections where students log into to video conference with the instructor to cover the lecture.

One evening and two full 10 hour days of practical. These days will be jam packed and physical days for students to complete and feel comfortable with the full skill set provided in the course.

Course Content:

  • Reading smoke & fire behavior
  • Building size-up and maintaining situational awareness
  • Air management
  • Understanding & calling a MAYDAY
  • RIT roles and responsibilities
  • Proactive vs. Reactive RIT
  • Personal & company tools for RIT
  • Second floor exits, ladder & rope bailouts
  • Below grade exits
  • Entanglement
  • Wall breaching & SCBA low profiling
  • SCBA confidence maze
  • Search techniques
  • Downed firefighter assessment & packaging
  • Firefighter drag techniques
  • Techniques to move firefighters up & down stairs (1 and 2 firefighter techniques)
  • RIT roles & responsibilities
  • RIT fire ground duties
  • RIT within the incident command system
  • Recovery vs Rescue
  • Organized search techniques including rope assisted search
  • Attic rescues
  • Downed firefighter assessment & packaging
  • Removing a firefighter from a window including narrow window openings
  • Establishing and maintaining air supply to a downed firefighter
  • Bellow grade rescue
  • Through the floor rescue for unconscious and conscious firefighters
  • Protective clothing removal, off a downed firefighter for quick medical attention

All props are custom designed and combined with a live TV feed of scenarios for a complete training experience. This course can be provided at any location with a flight of stairs. This course is designed to allow for as much scenario-based training exercises possible, to ensure students know the skills. On the final day, there will be a team based exam scenario that students must complete.