Advanced Forcible Entry & Through the Lock

This workshop we will continue on from our conventional irons work to adding leverage to our systems for those harder doors. We will also introduce students to some of the tools required to go through the lock.

Students will look at the many different locks we face in the fire service and the different ways to attack and defeat the lock itself. This valuable skill can not only speed up entry for your crews in tough accesses structures, but it can also limit the damage done to the door allowing for a faster lock up and minimal charge and inconvenience to the public we serve.

Course Content:

  • Locks and their week points
  • Manipulating lock mechanisms
  • Pad-lock station
  • Shove knives
  • Dead bolt pulls
  • Door knob pulls
  • Defeating rim locks
  • Defeating Adams Rite commercial cylinders
  • Adding mechanical advantage to our systems
  • Two firefighter zero visibility forcible entry
  • Single firefighter zero visibility forcible entry
  • Refresh of Basic Irons skills and continued confidence on confined space forces


Must have taken Prepare4's Conventional Forcible Entry class.


For more information please contact us at [email protected] for more information and a quote.